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Gorgeous Greenery.
No Maintenance.

Eco-friendly decorative greenery designed for excellence.

Gorgeous Greenery by Ranka

Ranka is the next generation of decorative landscaping. We offer the highest quality synthetic foliage made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polyester materials. Our lush, greenery creates the perfect ambiance at your home or business – with no maintenance! This decorating solution is eco-friendly and practical, as it requires no water, no fertilizer, and no pruning.

Ranka’s Artificial Plants & Decorating Solutions

Ranka’s products bring texture, warmth, and modern design to any space. Use our artificial indoor plants to create an eye-catching accent wall in your home, and accentuate the coziness of the room. Interested in decorating your home’s exterior, or looking to create perfectly groomed landscaping at your hotel? Check out our wide selection of artificial outdoor plants, and start dreaming up the design possibilities – cover walls, columns, fences, walkways, patios, and more with our versatile product.

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More About Ranka

Ranka offers worldwide shipping and easy installation so there is no reason why you can’t start your design project today. Apply our greenery to surfaces such as brick, cement, wood, drywall, fences, or mesh, with very few tools, and minimal effort.

Do you have a large-scale project in mind for your home or business? Fill out our wholesale form with the size and scope of your project, and we’ll reach out to you with additional information. Contact us today to learn more.

Why Ranka?

Good for your house, great for the environment.

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Our Products

  • Mixed Foliage

    Mixed Foliage

    Varied and fresh looking greenery, mixed with detailed and carefully crafted natural looking mixed leaves– ideal where complete concealment is desired. Cover walls & amp; fences, build hedges, add privacy and curb appeal. Save on water and upkeep while doing it! Realistic decorative green panels feature lifelike HDPE leaves on sturdy plastic netting that attaches easily to most structures. You can also connect two or more evergreen screens for longer presentations. Or trim to fit specific shapes and dimensions. Simply cable-tie or otherwise affix this decorative covering — the possibilities are endless! Green screen panels are UV-protected, weather-resistant and very easy to install. Great for interior and exterior use. Simply clean with a garden hose.

    • $48.00

      per panel
  • Boxwood


    Due to its small leaves, this is our most detailed foliage used regularly to cover bulkheads, columns and walls where it’s important to appreciate design.

    • $48.00

      per panel
  • Ivy Trellis

    Ivy Trellis

    This particular foliage has big ivy leaves covering natural willow branches, expands up to 1×2 mt. area to create a unique display depending on your needs. Its versatile applications make this product one of our most stylish exhibits.

    • $27.00

      per panel
  • Red Laurel

    Red Laurel

    This peculiar and uneven foliage has different leave sizes that combined with dark green, light green and reddish tones, creates natural and unique foliage. Red laurel is ideal to use on spaces with a dramatic and rich ambiance.

    • $40.00

      per panel
  • Myrtle


    Its small leaves designed with dark green and light tips undertones add realism to this foliage. It can be used indoors or outdoors, in light and detail oriented spaces.

    • $48.00

      per panel
  • European Laurel

    European Laurel

    Composed by big leaves, this is the only foliage with vibrant dark green hues that fades in the tips naturally, giving a real appearance to projects that require abounding display.

    • $40.00

      per panel